Schriftbild Grotesk: Critique, please

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Hey, I'm new here and wanted to get an opinion on my new in-progress typeface. There are quite a few flaws that I am working on right now, but I'd like to see what other people think. Thanks!

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Your curve-to-line joins (like on the d and others) are too thick. This is a natural result of pushing a circle into a stem of the same line weight. Fixing it however would require breaking your strict geometric rule,but since it isn't followed at other places it should be an option.

The curl of the at mark starts at a drop below the a shape making it look like a q.

Some of your glyphs look like they came from different fonts (thorns, ampersand, dollar sign, math Greek). These should be unified. Also your accents are sized inconsistently.

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Hi Zach
some observations...not a professional so feel free to ignore...:)
As well as the optical correction mentioned above, on the joins, I think you need some overshoot on the round shapes.
There seem to be different weights on some of your curves. E.g. c looks quite darker than b.
B looks narrow.

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Thanks, guys! I am working on them as we speak.

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Really like this! There is a charming clumsiness to it. However...

I'm not a type designer,but from a graphic designers perspective, if I was using the typeface, the uppercase W would annoy me. Would work as an alternative character, but I would prefer something more like the lower case w, which is really nice! Basically, I'd rather have a more 'normal' W, and have the option of a fancier version if I wished.

I don't really like the uppercase R either, but that is just personal preference. Also the uppercase G is too blotchy at the bottom.

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What is it specifically about the R that you don't particularly like?

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I don't like how the leg (could someone put me right - is that the correct term?) of the R appears to stick out further than the bowl. It looks like your B, just with a broken bum, making it look out of proportion and condensed.

I would either extend the bowl, or straighten out the leg - more like the Akzidenz Grotesk R, than the Helvetica R.

I hope that makes sense!

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