It's Different in Canada or how to set a Canadian dollar

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I've recently bumped into a a question I don't have an answer for. This happens a lot. The difference is this time I don't even know where to look to for a solution. Since it has to do with setting type, I figured this was the place to go.

The problem is Quebec. Aside from needing a French version of all of this signage, I need to set the Canadian Dollar sign differently. My understanding is that it should follow the amount with a space, and should technically have two slashes. Aside from that, I know nothing.

Is it's placement as open to interpretation as the US dollar sign?

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In english you write $5,000 in French it's 5 000 $. And there's no truth to the double barred dollar sign as far as i know.

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okay, I can't speak for european french on this one, but I do know canadian french numerals.

canadian english uses a ',' as a delimiter between thousands:

fifty thousand would be written: 50,000
fifty million would be written: 50,000,000

canadian french uses a ' ' as a delimiter between thousands.

cinquante mille would be: 50 000
cinquante million would be: 50 000 000

Now, also note that decimalization is different between english and french here too.

canadian english uses '.' as a decimal point:

five point five would be: 5.5
ten point seven five would be: 10.75

canadian french uses a ',' as a decimal point:

cinq point cinq would be: 5,5
dix point soixante-quinze would be: 10,75

I hope this clears up some of the number thing. I can't say for sure for sure, but everywhere I look here in canada we set a price like this:

five dollars and fifty cents: $ 5.50
and in the french: $ 5,50

Best of luck,

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We don’t use a different dollar sign (please show me where different dollar signs even exist) and in French it follows the number rather than preceding it. $5,278.01 vs. 5 278,01 $. Spacing is up for discussion, of course.

Joe Clark

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I just noticed my bank, CIBC (a big canadian one) uses no space in all their online baking stuff.

$0.24 would be what my account would look like according to CIBC if I had 24 cents in there. oh those were the days…

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please show me where different dollar signs even exist

In Palatino Linotype, for instance.

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Well, it sounds like I'm fine. Didn't break any rules. Thanks for your feedback everyone.

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