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You are almost there Eduardo, just not yet!

It was made for a newspaper though.

Nothing? :-)
It’s a display typeface, featuring many alternates and ligatures.

guessing Mantinia

No, this one is much more “decorative”.

Ooh, Charlemagne is so close!

Alas, in the Type ID Pop Quiz, as in horseshoes and love, closeness counts for naught.

an alternate S
from Classica Prestige from Presencetypo?

Eduardo — I can’t tell from the site…

Decorative makes me think of Priori from
Jon Barnbrook.

Is it an alternate S from Priori…

no more guesses left, must be going..


Wise words, Chesh. :-) Not Charlemagne indeed.
And, sorry Bj. Not Classica, not Priori.

But, since you mentioned Barnbrook, this typeface has some similar details to his Mason. And it’s from an one-man-foundry too.
Keep guessing…

Now that’s giving it away. :-)

That’s it! Your turn…

okay, this one’s gonna be a little different…

Will post in 10 minutes or so.

LA Times?

Identify FOUR of these EIGHT
lowercase gs.

One is right around the corner.


And Mr. Coles, where art thou brother?

With your affinity for gs, this one should
be to your likin’.

Arggghh — I’ve got three out of four, and I’m sure I know that second one on the bottom! I know it!

Funny(?)… that’s exactly the only one I know (2nd on bottom, left to right). :-/

hint or no hint?

No hints… yet!

Okay. :-)

Hmm. I’ve got the first three on the bottom row off the top of my head. I’ll have to see if I can pick up one more quick.

— K.

Ha. Got it.
First one, top row = Jigsaw Bold
First one, bottom row = Quirinus Bold
Second one, bottom row = Prokyon
Third one, bottom row = Kinesis Italic


— K.


That was a very good hint, Jesus, cryptic enough without giving too much away. I tried the Hungarian direction, but it didn’t get me very far. Now I see I should have pursued it further.

Congrats to Eduardo.

Right under my nose here. The LA Times redesign
was back in January (?) The Times introduced a
new Ionic typeface for body copy and the new
type for Section heads.

But…there was never a mention of who did
the redesign.

Anyway, I liked the letters sooo much, I started
an alphabet resembling the section heads…
never got around to any other letters.


But the G? I never saw it in a section
No G.

Good one Jesus!

good job Eduardo!

By the way Jesus, how’d you find that one?

Oh. I see now that it was Roger Black who did a lot of the redesign.

I had the pdf in my computer, I guess I found about it either here
at the forums or at I have to admit that I don’t buy
the local paper (LA Times), I read the NY Times online.

I remembered that specimen because it opened my eyes to the
work of Mikl

BTW, notice that El Universal is a custom newspaper typeface too, and has a similar “G”.