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Greetings friends!

I have been a illustrator for quite sometime now and a pro graphic artist + photographer for about five years.
However I am clearly new to the art crafting fonts. Don't get me wrong I know the rules of good type habits, but what I want to learn is how to draw them from the ground up.

Things I need help in

What type of pen or pens should use?
What kind of brush is worthy?
What type of calligraphy pen is good for the job?
I can not think of anything else, any other information would be appreciated.

Thanks folks!

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There are a number of good calligraphy books out there. Have you checked out your local bookstore or library?

Michael Browers

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Best beginner pen... Schaeffer fountain pens, I still use them for commercial work. They flow freely and give you an unimpeeded relationship to the paper.

Pentel Cartridge brush, the freedom from dip and a good stroke for the money.

Books are another animal... check with John Neal Bookseller. He has a great selection.


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Thanks guys!
any info from others
is always appreciated.

I will give it a go, Pentel Cartridge brush are a very nice.
I had my eye on one for a while now.

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