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Looking for suggestions Aldus/Elzevir etc.

Hey people,

I'm currently designing and typesetting a poetrybook. It's an anthology concerning the master piece or masterwork (which an apprentice had to make to be allowed in to a guild), and I want to give it a bit of a 1400's feel. I would like to have some suggestions for typefaces that breathe that era. I'm thinking Jenson / Aldus / Elzevir books here.

There are some great typefaces in that style, like Jannon from StormType and also Dos Santos' new Capsa. But I would like to have a few alternatives. It's not really important that it is a true revival. Types that are inspired by them are also welcome.

Thanks in advance!


I think your choices are good. I would add Jonathan Hoefler's "Requiem", which is based on Ludovico Arrighi's types.

- Mike Yanega


If you are willing to depart from the classical metal typefaces, you might look at some of Ted Staunton's designs for http://Sherwood Type Foundry. He bases a lot of his work on old type designs, or handwriting, and some of them would certainly give an antique air to poetry settings.

- Mike Yanega

Both Requiem and Augustin are excellent suggestions. I think they could both work, especially Requiem (and it's cheap?!). I think we might have Requiem at work, so I can hopefully make a few test settings tomorrow.

The Sherwood types look nice, but I think a bit too quirky for this book.

If someone has more suggestions, they are certainly welcome.

One more: Eason.

Athelas and more in my review of book design winners.