Amarantino, ready for critique

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After a long (but very beautiful...)path I'm about to consider finished the first weight of Amarantino. But I want some feedback from the community of well in(formed) typeface and typography designers.

Amarantino ExtraLight has been developed over a period of 10 months (January to October 2008) as a sans serif versatile family with clean visual presence. The family is still in development and it will be formed by 5 weights (ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Bold, ExtraBold) and italics designed to communicate confidence and authority.

As always, existing designs have often been the source of inspiration for the creations of new ones. Amarantino is no exception and similarities can be found in the Sebastian Lester Soho™ typeface. My goal was not to copy but respect this source and turn my creation into something unique and with personal flavour.

The name Amarantino comes from the natural born from the city of Amarante in Portugal. The author is an Amarantino.

Amarantino is suitable for a variety of applications including medical, finance, transport, culture and high tech industries.

Thanks in advanced
António Fonseca

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Overall, I think this is great. The "s" is the one thing that really jumps out at me. The curves just don't feel quite right, maybe the bottom could be a bit heavier than the top and not be such a mirror. In the numbers, digits like 5, 6, 8, 9, felt a bit more geometrically forced than the alphabet, which feels really well resolved. Other than that, none of the other characters bothered me, and felt very natural to the typeface.

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I think you need more space between the dot and the body of i and j - they run together to form "exlstlng deslgns" etc.

r (and t?) might be a little too narrow.

Something about these letters reminds me of those plastic lettering stencils you can run a pencil around.

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Hello Antonio.

You should check the kerning on lowercase "fo". Other than that it flows very nicely. I like it!

Keep up the good work!
Pedro Peixoto

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The S and s seem to flat.
The stem that follows the point where the stem and curve join on the m, n, a, d, r, q, and g seem quite short (especially at the text sizes). I might suggest making those a bit deeper. Especially if you make bolder versions you'll find you'll have to compensate quite a lot more.
The P, R, M, N, and W seem a little wide.

Go Portugal!

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for the comments.
After a carefully analises I made some changes:

New S and s.
More space between the dot and the body of i and j. Made the same adjust in accents.
New r and t.
Stem a little deeper on m, n, a, d, r, q, g.
New P, R, B, M, N, W and w.
New d and g.
Please let me know your opinion

Thanks in advance
António Fonseca

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This looks very nice and as an aspiring type designer I admire anyone who has the courage to post their designs here.

I was told a long time ago by a man called Bernd Möllenstadt that you should design the bold version of your face first or at least draw some bold characters early on in the design process.

Your design – which looks very fresh and clean– seems completely monoline. What will happen when the weight increases and the counters get smaller? Will it remain monoline which I don't think it can in heavier weights or will it become more stressed?

I am really looking forward to seeing the bolder cuts and the very best of luck with it.

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Hi everyone!

After some weeks I’m about to consider finished the ExtraBold weight of Amarantino (see link in first post).
Please give me your feedback!
I would like also to know your opinion if you consider that they share the same "DNA"...the ExtraBold and ExtraLight (some letters look a little different...)

Thanks in advance!

António Fonseca

PS- No spacing or kerning

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They look good as a whole. Although "j" and "J" bottom curve distracts me as well as "w" middle leg as it's on op top nor in the middle, think you need to find a comfortable position for it. "5" also could use a tweak or two.

But as I said, they look great overall.

Keep it up!

Pedro Peixoto

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I like you typeface. Here some comments. In the thin version I think you will have to redraw your S, s at my point of view. Here my suggestion : your design as a kind of “square” look in their curves and I don't find that in the S. The outside of the s is too round, try to work with the curve of the c, g. I wonder if the problem come from the spin, it could be less oblique to leave more space to draw a higher curve on both side. Some letters in the extra bold are a bit out of your thin version. Look your k the two oblique join the vertical stem nor in the thin version. Also there are some bump in the cure (pqbdnm) and the horizontal line in the number seems a bit to large. Hope this will help you.

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It's been a long time since i saw your typeface on the "Anatomia Tipografica" course. I think it's coming out really well, I'm really interested in seeing how you are going to solve the other weights.
The other users already gave you some great hints, so i won't repeat what they said.

Keep up the good work & keep in touch!!!
Pedro Leal

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Hi everyone!

Again...after a long path I’m about to consider finished the extrabold weight of Amarantino, but as always I want some feedback from the community! (Please see AmarantinoExtraBold_text1.pdf and AmarantinoExtraBold_text1.pdf in first post)

I decided to place some text in several language that the typaface can be used in order to get some special feedback, special on diacritics. I did study a little their construction but I think is easier to see them on text and ask a native reader to get some input.

I noticed that some more arragement on the Kerning are necessary.
Please let me know your comments on my work!
Thanks in advance.

António Fonseca

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I really like it! :) Except for the numbers, those don't have the same style like the letters. Also, the top joint of the "g" needs some enhancement. ;(

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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Did you draw in Fontlab or Illustrator

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Very nice - delicate but firm.

I'm only looking at the base alphanumerics for now.

First thing: spacing too tight (even though this be used mostly very large).

I would shorten the descenders, and raise the tittles.

6/9: I like them, but I wonder if they clash.
But maybe since they're not alphabetic it's OK.

L: Too wide.

M: Try splaying it.

P: Bigger head.

Q: Tail no good. Maybe try a detached one?

W: Too narrow.

X: Too wide.

k: Unhappy. I'd put some curve in it.


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hi - beautiful work! I am very interested in using this font! I am designing a label for a Portuguese wine. Is it available for purchase?

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