Moulinex typeface

good morning!
i'm still studying and i'm looking for the typeface of moulinex logo for a work that i'm doing.
anyone has an idea of which is?
for those who doesnt know moulinex here is the link


The logo looks like custom lettering.
The bottom line is Agenda Black.

Yeah it sems but... if there is any font similar... it would be great :s
Joel Santos // yrmk . visual

Classic gorgeous 50s/60s custom script. The iconic household brand in France.
House Industries' Studio Lettering Slant has a little bit of the flavor.
Or over at Veer Kitti Casual, or Cocktail Shaker.
Good Luck!

what about that "life gets easier" ? do you know the typeface?

Joel Santos // yrmk . visual

Like JazzyB already mentioned: ‘life gets easier’ is Agenda Black

ok appreciated...

Joel Santos // yrmk . visual