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Hey all,

I'm a design student taking my first serious stab at type design.
This is hard work and I'm getting a little overwrought. I thought I'd take
a break and post what I've got so far on the "chopping block" as it were.

I know there are big issues with the face so far, but, let's talk about
'em and how I can improve the set. I have only developed what you see
here so far. I am trying for a humanist face LOOSELY rooted in Gill Sans.
The principle design elements are the curved slab serifs and the stroke
taper at the connections.

Say what you will; let's get these letters into shape!


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Wow, this looks incredibly a lot like a sign I hand lettered for the school that I work in and I was thinking about how it'd look nice as a font. You beat me to it haha

Anyways, the flat descenders and ascenders I really like. I wonder if you might be able to pull out the j and the f and make them a bit longer, same for the p and the q. The almost mechanical look is what gives it its character, play with it some more. Also you might try making the serif a bit smaller on the b or the d (or both). Because they almost connect with the bowl, the serifs look much heavier. It doesn't seem to be a problem for the r, probably because of it's more horizontal approach to the stem.

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I'd be interested to see an alternate lowercase two-story g...it's the only one that needs a character-width horizontal stroke on the descender/ascender.


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maybe a two-story 'a' would be a nice alternative also.
have you tried setting some words with it?

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The h, k, n, t, u need to be a little wider. check the optical weights of the horizontal vs. vertical strokes (e.g. the descending stem of the g and the left of the bowl are not similar enough. It seems to have great potential. I can see a fantastic display version as well as a functional text version.

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