New Filmotype Releases . . .

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New Filmotype Releases . . .

Hello Friends,

It has been a while since our last update even though we continue to release new Filmotype faces at Font Bros . . .

We're pleased to announce the re-release of three great new Filmotype faces in OpenType format:

Filmotype Ginger - Initially designed in the early-to-mid 1950s, Filmotype Ginger helped usher in the Mod typographic stylings of the early 1960s visual aesthetic yet it retains a classic and timeless feel.

Filmotype LaSalle - Among the very first handwritten script fonts offered by Filmotype in the beginning of the 1950s, Filmotype LaSalle was designed by Ray Baker, a former Lettering Inc employee at the time who named the face after LaSalle street in downtown Chicago.

Filmotype Vanity - Filmotype Vanity marks the beginning of Filmotype's effect style Outline fonts, all of which incidentally start with the letter V, was developed from the original Filmotype Ginger typeface.

Since technology didn't exist in the late-1950s to create drop-shadowed or outline styled fonts within the Filmotype machine, each letter was originally meticulously hand rendered and redrawn in this special effect style.

As will all our re-releases, they are fully remastered from the original filmstrips and have been expanded to include a full international character compliment, automatic fractionals, ordinals, and a suite of alternates in dynamic OpenType format.

You can see our full library at: