"Dieci" Fat Slab ID

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...Stumbled upon this Italian designer at LeftLoft, and there's a face that I can't ID. Thanks in advance for your help, and enjoy the type:

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Looks like Prelo Slab.

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Nope. Not Prelo.

Christian Robertson did a slab unicase once, which he used to offer for free.
Can’t find it anywhere.

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As far as I know it’s a custom display face they designed just for Dieci: http://www.leftloft.it/projects/dieci/

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Reminiscent of the Shire Types.

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Very interesting typeface. As stated by verbosus, should be a custom face but does anybody have similars to suggest?

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Thanks Renko. PF Centro Slab is a quite good similar.

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I recently contacted these guys and they graciously replied to let me know that it was a custom font for the project (unfinished and thus unreleased).

I'm encouraged by everyone's research, though. Centro is such an awesome find. Thanks for that link.

Case closed(?)

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