Kerning of ligatures in Arabic Script!

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I have a few urdu ligatures that I wanna kern automatically. Only problem is: I dont know how to do it! I have seen snaps of Aziz Mustafas ''Reyhan.otf''. Although he hasnt use many ligatures, still his kerning was good between words.... Thats why I am begging u professionals for some advice in kerning of several ligatures. I have following font editors installed: FontLab, FontCreator, Fontographer....


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What do you mean by "kern automatically"?

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->What do you mean by “kern automatically”?

Bro, its simple: Automatic kerning is just like u kern latin alphabets in fontlab or fontographer.... Problem is I cant do the same thing for arabic/urdu ligatures... Any assistance?

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My guessing is that you don't set the directionality in RTL in the preview of Fontlab and it does it the wrong way.

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Or maybe he just don't know how to use classes for kerning similar glyphs?

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