An unguided attempt.

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Hello all, though it is still early in the process, I still want to show this before I continue. It'll be obvious that I'm looking at the forms of Franklin Gothic for cues. Every now and then I feel like it's not original enough. So I ask you, trained experts — is this too similar to Franklin Gothic? In the end, I hope for it to be a strong but friendly and soft, grotesque face. I'm thinking it'll have more personality once I get to the bold/black weights. Should I just jump to those instead and neutralize the unique features for the text weights?

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Really? nobody?

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A few thoughts:

- I'm not sure the slanted crossbar of e is working in this grotesque face.
- Where rounded forms merge into straight stems, I think the combination of the thinned stroke and the ink-trap like cut are too strong - they seem to sever the rounded stroke. (I wonder if the "inktrap" should bite a bit into the straight stroke as well?)
- Shouldn't bottom of b angle away from bowl (compare a and d)?
- Leftmost stroke of A is too thin.
- Round dots of 'i' with square period is a bit weird to my eye.
- Your space character may be too wide, making the font's function in running text more difficult to gauge.

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Thanks for the comments, eliason. I really want to make the slanted crossbar of e to work. It gives an almost casual feel the whole face. Any ideas on how to work on that? I'll definitely take a look at the convergence of round to straight. It was my goal for it to have a smooth, monolinear quality, it's important not to sever the strokes. The W is bothering me, too but I can't seem to find good examples of that shape. Any recommendations would help.

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Maybe more slant on the e crossbar would work, then - so it's clearly a design feature rather than a misprinted letter. Look at [Bad link]'s e (the first example of a sans with such a feature than comes to my mind) - a much more assertive angle.

Maybe someone else will weigh in on suggestions for the W - I agree it needs work.

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