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Crafting an eloquently written proposal for an independant study.

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Joined: 2 Jun 2008 - 1:46pm
Crafting an eloquently written proposal for an independant study.

Oh hai! For my last semester getting my BFA in Graphic Design, I am signing up for an independent study to design a series of four display faces and one text face based on the four quadrants of Knoxville, TN (I'm not going to get into the particulars of the project anymore on here... it's not really relevant to my question, I suppose) and I have to write a proposal/time-line/statement type document outlining the project, goals, research etc... I was wondering if anyone out here would know of any other well done projects (not that I want to steal anyone's ideas about the DESIGN, more or less I am just looking for good organization, tone of voice with copy, reasonable time frames, etc...), books, articles, websites, ANYTHING really as sort of a jumping off point for me to scan through whilst writing my own... Comments/opinions/questions, etc... would totally be appreciated as well.

I suppose the things that I am thinking about are ::
* Should the proposal be a thesis where I am PROVING something in my design efforts (that the travel of monied areas in Knoxville throughout the last century–from east to north, from north to west, etc... can be traced by the different visual aspects of the signage in said areas)?
* With these typefaces I hope to create a system wherein the text face complements all four of the display faces, but in talking about my proposal, should I emphasize more the historical significance and research or should I put the emphasis on the usability and legibility of the typefaces themselves? I really don't want to make a Sufjan Stevens "this is a project about a particular place" typeface–I really want these to ultimately be very usable fonts that are important outside of the context of Knoxville.

I'm sure that I will have about a million more questions, but the coffee has set in and I have to get back to work. If anyone has anything to add, just want to say thank you so much in advance.

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Joined: 23 Feb 2006 - 7:22pm

You might find the specimens from the typography MA program in Reading useful. Though their focus is on displaying the fruits of their labor, what they write about might help you see how much to focus on the theoretical/research side and how much on the desired result.