Old stuff = cool

one of the perks of working where i do is that behind me sits a lady who is responsible for maintaining a music library for the salvos.

when she gets multiple copies of songs and other materials, she often needs to throw them out because of space... well... when i found this out i asked her if it would be possible to pass them along to me. so i'm often getting beautiful old music books and others odd pieces of paper.

here is a couple of things i recently acquired, and i think they are beautiful.

first the front of a page titled 'Famous Cornet Solos'

does anybody know what the sans used could be?

second is from the back of that page - it looks like a beautiful piece of penmanship, but i'm unsure.

thanks for listening

byebye - sye :)


ITC Blair or Sackers Gothic would be pretty close to the sans.

wow, thanks! i like sackers gothic.

For the hand drawn blackletter you might like Fountain's Deuzhood.

thanks stephen! i remember seeing deuzhood a while ago, but had forgotten about it!

one thing that contactantly amazes me is people who are able to draw letters that look awesome, without a computer.

i suck at it. in fact i suck even with a computer! heehee

i know this sample is not the best blackletter drawing around, but considering it was just on the back of a contents page fron a music book, it seems pretty lavish.