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Joined: 3 Dec 2001 - 11:00am
New Java-based Font Editor

Anybody seen or used this? Seems rather pointless if you’ve already got FontLab, FOG, etc. but might be useful for some people.

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Joined: 21 Sep 2003 - 11:00am

I have seen it and used it because I like goofing off. A friend pointed me to it a couple of weeks ago. I downloaded it onto my Mac (Mac OS X 10.3.x) and ran it, no problems.

Okay, if you are used to your present vector drawing tools, and say you like the pen tool a lot (and you do, right?), the way this thing draws WILL MAKE YOUR HEAD CAVE IN.

After you recover, if you figure out the secret magic trick, drawing curves kind of makes sense. But then you’ll be recovering from a caved-in cranium.

The really cool thing is “Glyphs are stored in XML based file to aid collaboration using existing tools such as CVS.” Which could be neat.

Other stuff: Mac users may care that the menus appear in the window not the menu bar. Double-click the doubletype.jar file in the /bin folder.

I look forward to Mr. Blokland’s review. (and Typographica).


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Joined: 14 May 2001 - 11:00am

Erik van Blokland is writing a review for Typographica once
Canada sets us free.

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Joined: 6 Mar 2002 - 1:06pm

Hi, I’m the author of DoubleType.
DoubleType is still at development stage, and there’s spacious room for improvement.

It’d be greatly appreciated if you can let me know what’s wrong, missing, or some detail you don’t like. It’s an opensource project, so community’s support is essential.