Campbell's Soup Styled Lettering: Please Critique

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I'm doing a poster for Austin Food Bank for my design class at Texas State. I'm setting the headline on a Campbell's soup can. I was not able to find a font that came close enough for my taste, so I'm attempting to mimic the script. I don't have any experience lettering so let me know what you think. The Headline Reads

The Bank
That Deserves A
Bail Out.

I wanted to wait for some opinions before I started the T so I used commercial script as a place holder

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Super headline. Is this one of a series? If so what are the other lines? (there's probably a TARP line to be discovered)

The h-e combo is a bit awkward since the original e is a result of the high join with the b. But I wouldn't worry about it since it's a campbell's distinctive.
Rather than set the whole headline in Campbell's script, consider using all the type on the can (you may already be doing this).
"Campbells" => The Bank
"Cream of Mushroom => A Bail Out

Don't forget to show us the final result.


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I would erase the distracting join between h-e, just because it's so long and thin, but preserve the whole loop in the e. Maybe then kern h-e closer and let it join at the bottom.

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Thanks for the good suggestions. Because my deadline was the 10th I didn't change much on the type, but I do think I will ditch the high join on the h-e like was suggested and try one where they are connected at the bottom.

Randy: it's not a series right now but I could see it a couple of ways it could be. Glad to see we were on the same page about using the same type as on the can. I omitted the SOUP face because it would have been clunky.

Here it is, besides the h-e which I plan to fix, let me know what you think. Suggestions for the T?

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I think the stem and crossbar of the T should be joined. That would start making it match the B better. If you want to go further perhaps try making the crossbar a bit longer on the right side so it is over the h more, and think about the relationship between it and the angle of the top of B.

Nice work. Have you tried printing the label and photographing it around an actual can? A whole stack of these would look great especially if a few were slightly dented.

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