(x) Quirky serif for Vienna Secession / Type ID on arty invitation - Larish {Mike Y}

Can someone help me ID this font? would be amazingly appreciated!


I'm guessing it's custom.
If no one finds it and you want something similar, try http://EF Leamington.

Rudolph is also somewhat similar. a gut feeling tells me Hubert Jocham, its designer, might be able to identify the typeface in your sample.

Somehow it's saying venetian oldstyle to me.


This might be another time to check Georg's http://Bleisetzer site.

- Mike Yanega

Well, unless I missed it, I don't think it's at that site. Next is to skim through Jaspert's book on Type Faces.

- Mike Yanega

Sorry. I didn't see it there either.

What is the age of this sample?

- Mike Yanega

That looks like work from the art space Vienna Secession. Their identity was designed by Radim Pesko so I would expect that the type is custom.

I wrote an e-mail to Radim Pesko and he graciously sent back this reply and image.

"The font is called 'Larish' and was indeed drawn specially for
Secession identity which was developed together with Willi Schmid,
in 2007-2008. Its appearence is inspired by an old prints from
Vienna of late 19th century. Even it is not re-drawn typeface,
its shape it true to the spirit to its example.
Larish will be completed with italic released in Spring 2009."

- Mike Yanega

Nice (in at least two ways).

BTW, will the hairline weight be called Vienna Recession? ;-)


thanks everybody! i guess i could've just asked my teacher Radim then..

Larish Alte is not available for licensing, but Larish Neue is available now.

Thanks for following up on this Akira. I have just made a test sample for the Serif Guide.

- Mike Yanega

Freshly redrawn and extended Larish Alte will be available for licensing in single weight in May 2011.

Finally Larish Alte has been released.