logo for business students work fair

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Basically what the subject reads. The guidelines I have are that I need to have a chess king and the colour, other than that there isn't anything specific I need to take into consideration (other than the personal opinion of them...)

The name means "economists day" and it has the date of the actual fair underneath.

What do you guys think I could do better?

btw, I'm not really feeling the chequered pattern but my boss really wants me to somehow incorporate it.

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The chess piece feels a bit old in contrast to the typography (kerning is a bit too tight for my taste.)

Reference theses chess pieces designed by Karim Rashid for your symbol?

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BTW... What font are you using?... me likey

the lowercase g is especially nice

Mikey :-)

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designtn <<< I agree that the text is a little bit too tight. But then arises the problem of the date. If that text should be made larger or the spacing should be increased for that too.

SuperUltraFabulous <<< It's called "M+" and I'm act using a different version (of the same font) for the "r".

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Where can you get M+?

Who make it?

If you don’t mind me asking :-)

Mikey :-)

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From this site

"These fonts are free software. Unlimited permission is granted to use, copy, and distribute it, with or without modification, either commercially and noncommercially. Designed by Morishita Coji. The fonts are regulary updated, work in progress. Caution: Japanese language."

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WOW! Thank you!!!!

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