Neutraface Slab: Mini Preview!

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It doesn't look like anyone's posted yet about the tiny sneak preview that House Industries has released of its "forthcoming Neutraface Slab font collection." Four of their new products, two pillows and two totes, are covered in an all-caps alphabet in what looks to be one of Neutra Slab's lighter weights. Aside from a few small preview images, information is scarce -- though the description for the large pillow states, "Type designers Christian Schwartz, Kai Bernau, Susana Carvalho, Ken Barber and Ben Kiel spent countless hours seated at their desks and toiling over our forthcoming Neutraface Slab font collection, so we designed this type-patterned pillow to remind their respective lumbar areas that typography can provide visual and physical comfort." Quite the type design team!

Needless to say, I'm excited!

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Ooh nice. But I'll have to see how it compares to the beautiful Archer. No way I can afford both.

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Looks like a high-end contemporization of Memphis. And now that I think of it, Gotham Light Slab would make a killer display face. Of course, the only way I can afford new fonts in this economy is to make my own.

And yes, I made up the word contemporization. I think it kind of works for this, tho.

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I agree, James. Given how much character Neutraface has, I hope the full slab font will be a knockout. If not, it's Archer for me. I already have Memphis, Rockwell and Stymie.

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Neutra Slab is going to be different enough from Archer that you'll want both. Seriously. Archer is a really feminine, friendly slab. Neutra Slab will be as cold as Lubalin. But I like cold too.

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How about if I just have clients willing to spring for either one?

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i am very excited about neutra slab!

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But Tiff, srsly if I have Stymie etc, will I want/need Neutraface? Archer represents a departure. I'm kinda feminine myself, when my talons are sheathed.

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That's true. If you have Stymie or even Lubalin Graph you might not need Neutra Slab. I'll be interested to see a comparison.

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Neutraface Slab is available now!

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They have some nice shirts using the slab, too.

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It seems odd that so many of the sample/promo images all set in all caps. The thing that sets Neutra Slab apart (for me) is the low x-height.

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Slabs look more impressive in an all-caps setting. :-)

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