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Hi, I just found these boards, what a great resource. Here is the first draft of my newest font "BackRiver" These are the only characters so far and no text block is available (I don't have fontographer yet). But I love to hear what everybody thinks of it. I'll try to attach a swf now.

backriver.swf (4 k)

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A very nice serifless roman, in the same vein as Optima and Legacy Sans. Are there plans for a companion italic?

David Thometz

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Nice start, Ryan. My two cents:

- The diagonal of the Z needs more weight

- Some of the upper case characters, like E,F and L seem a little flat -- literally. Consider applying some of the calligraphic touches in the lower case to these UC characters.

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There are of course "plans" for an italic, but that's a ways off right now. I'm pretty happy with the lc and I agree that the UC still needs some work. I've tried to "liven" up the E,F etc but nothing seems right so far. Ideas?

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