I gave in - I bought a cool book here in England

You can get some idea about it here:


I am curious about the type. Anybody have any inside info on who "Stephani Mercatoris" could be? He seems to be credited with having either designed or set the type I can't tell which just yet. I am looking forward to showing it to James Mosley.

The University of Scranton has this to say about it:

Ioannis Maldonati Societatis Iesu Theologi : Commentarii in Qvatvor Evangelistas, 1596 is a first edition of an important commentary on the Vulgate Gospels. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Maldonado was "superior to most exegetes of his time and inferior to none."


I have no idea who he was, but your Stephanus Mercator would probably have been known in the vernacular as Etienne Mercier, Stefan Kaufmann, or something similar, in case that gives you any clues. According to a library record for what I think is the same edition, this Mercator's printing shop is listed as the publisher, at Pont-à-Mousson in Lorraine.

Thanks! If I discover more I will post a note about it here in the thread.