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Littering campaign

Hi there! I am a graphic design and advertising student working on a corporate identity project.

I am currently working on a littering campaign assignment for a state government. The rational behind the campaign is that litter starts small, and as it accumulates becomes a big problem, therefore, one should stop littering as to not start a mass mess.
P/s: Brochure will be a door fold and is still under construction, as such part of it still needs more text. Contributions on your view on littering is greatly appreciated as with the design/typographic side of it.

Also, the criteria for the assignments include application of the campaign onto a minimum of 8 different medias, therefore, any media suggestions would be great too. :)

As of now, i plan to do:
Print Adverts
Dustbin (?)
Plastic Bag (Not really turning out too well for me. =/)
Ambiance (ideas needed.)
Stickers (to be stuck on random stuff that could be litter/ or to remind people to not litter that item) (?)

Thanks in advance guys! =)