Debora Tyepface - test 1

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Hello, I'm posting here a link to downlaod the first test of Debora typeface.
I would like to have some feedback.

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I assume this is going to be a free typeface, since you are giving it away for critique. (It's more typical to post a PDF specimen of the font.)

Overall, it's pretty nice, but the color is somewhat variable. Keep in mind that slanted lines behave differently optically from horizontals and verticals.

The first character that struck me as odd was the @ sign. Also, there are inconsistencies that don't make sense. Your superior 2 looks OK, but the 2 in your two quarters sign looks cramped. I would expect those to match. I would keep the f on the baseline. The æ has a slant that isn't anticipated by the a or the e, and so looks a bit odd.

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Thanks a lot.
Yes these would be free, I'm making changes but I guess maybe a pdf would be easier to make some critics I will do one.

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Some changes has been done,and I put here some pdf to an exposition of typedesign that I will participate at my school

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You'll get more feedback if you post examples rather than linking to a font people have to install...

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I've put two image attachemnts

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