Can someone ID this monospace?

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Hi guys,

I spent ages the other day looking for a really nice monotype (for the book cover battle and for future friendship perhaps) and came up empty. Then this came up as the illustration for a blog article in my RSS feed. Could someone tell me what it is?

Incidentally, I really dislike it when people create fully-typographic images and then don't mention what typeface it is in the notes!

Thanks in advance,



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Looks like Autoscape by Lineto.

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Hi Andi,

Autoscape is very similar.

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Thanks guys - it never ceases to amaze me how good people here are at IDs.

Autoscape is definitely a keeper, too - as a refugee from the 90s, I could always do with a slick monospace :) Probably couldn't have justified the cost for the type battle though, but it's definitely coming out of my Christmas pay!

Thanks again,



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