Font used in a book printed in the 70s

I'm far from a font expert, but it seems like a Bodoni-type font. I think I've seen many books using that font, but haven't been able to find the exact font that is used, there were always small differences from the Bodoni fonts I looked at online. Maybe a font used by printers back then that isn't available in digital form? Anyone recognizes it?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


New Caledonia is a closer match... Getting closer.


Hi Vincent,
could it be a metal Walbaum?
See also Walburn.

Close, but unfortunately no. Thanks for the input, much appreciated!

I think it's probably an "off" version of Bodoni Book. Back in the Seventies, there were a lot of cold typesetting manufactures (phototype, strike-on, etc.) and they each had their own versions of popular faces, each a bit different from everyone else's.

I would agree with Mark. Fonts like that were also still around in the 80s.

Ahhh, very interesting. Makes sense. Thanks guys!