Hi all.. introduction

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Hi all let me introduce myself.
My name is simone (but i am known as simsy to my friends) was born in a place called melbourne australia but i now reside in the United kingdom with my partner and his dog chloe... you are most likely wondering the hows whys and whatfors about me so here it all is (or an abbrevated version at the very least).

I am a lover of typefaces (which is a recent aquired obession.)and abstract art (i am an amater abstract artist i have no formal graphic design/art training whatsoever)

I know you are wondering why am i obessed with typefaces,well fonts can express so many emotions, express a viewpoint or even just be plan fun.

And thats why i love typography. It can express many moods, it can be formal or informal.. its just that versitile and if its well done a font can stand the test of time.. like sands though the..

sorry i had a days of our lives moment there (an old american soapie for those who had no idea about the reference)

anyway this is my blog, sometimes about fonts, sometimes about art...
and maybe just maybe sometimes about something totally unrelated to the world of art and typography.

Peace out


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