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I made a modular display typeface in 2003. Based in a 3*7 grid. I retooled it a bit in 2008 with much more characters and several corrections. I like it and people have said me that I can sell it at a local foundry, but I'm afraid because it look too similar (although not exactly the same) to the Ivan Reschniev font and some logotipes, but I wasn't aware of those at first.
Respective specimens attached. The last one has latin-1 mostly and a few corrections.

proteina2003.pdf131.02 KB
proteina2008.pdf186.91 KB
proteina2008-2.pdf127.19 KB
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I like that a lot, and I don't think it is too similar to Ivan Reshniev. Upper and lower case c are an obvious difference.

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Somehow I feel it would be improved if you shortened the top end of the "a" by half a block.

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After a long hiatus, the basic version of the font is being sold at YouWorkForThem: It has a few differences from the one I posted. The main one is the new shape of the "dots".

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