An Archive of Scripts [?]

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If you should collect a visual documentation of the different forms of writings, would you keep separated the writing ones (calligraphy/lettering/handwriting, epigraphy, signage, graffiti) and the typographic ones (printed pages, typeface showings)?

I know, very likely it depends on how you will access and use the material, but I am undecided since I'm unsure at which degree I would differentiate various forms of of writing.

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Mike has a pretty thorough Script Guide. Does this help?

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Thanks Tiffany, but I was not thinking of "type classification". I rate "script-like alphabets" born in the realm of type design as a sub-genre of the latter. I was thinking about an archive of scripts meaning scriptures, how the forms evolved and mutated along history. For Latin, but not only Latin.

My question was on whether it would make more sense to keep the more recent typographic forms (last 500 years) from the other forms of writing, which nonetheless are constantly renewing outside the typographic form (see for example tag writing in graffiti, which started in the US but became a kind of exposed writing all over the world…)

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