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Hi all

just posting some links to articles regarding type and what not that ive been reading lately. Hopefully these posts will be a regular occurance, with a specific theme (depends really it could be totally random)

well as you can tell by the title of the post.. Ive been reading up a lot on helvetica vs arial and the pros and cons of these typefaces and i started off with an article called Arial Vs Helvetica on i love typography (my favorite typography blog but i digress).

Dont Like helvetica? check out this article helvetica and alternatives to helvetica on font feed and get an answer to the question, is there really alternatives to helvetica?

Oh my god... is there a scourge in the typographical world? apparentally there is according to this article called scourge of arial on mark simonson studio website

last by no means least.. found an article on use and misuse of period type in the movies... check out typecasting check it out... he also did a groovy trailer for the article which can be also found on the page.

want to make a comment regarding anything you've seen here, agree with what the author of the articles have said?? leave a comment here i dont mind :)

until i write again :)

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