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Hey there, hello.

I need to create a logo/typetreatment that has a country flavor but more rock and roll, anyone have any suggestions. It is a memphis based record label. Thanks in advance for the help!

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Letterrors Federal
has a country (or Wanted-poster) feel to it
+ it looks like something out of Rolling Stones magazine (for that rock'n roll feeling)

the inspiration? = US currency type



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Brothers is definitly bluegrass-esque. Think ... O Brother Where Art Thou ...

Is the post, you're trying to find a type that works for a country/rock band? please clarify

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Huh? What is this 4 year old post doing here!? :-D

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When I think country I think Clarendon slabs...

Try Font Bureau's fat Giza or Belizio:

For a quirky feel have a look at PsyOps' Oxtail
or Fountain's Barbera.

If you want to get old-school western funky with
shadowed wood type there are some great options...

ITC's Magnifico: http://www.itcfonts.com/fonts/product.asp?sid=MD5LPQ3TBACA9N1GNAKR5NJEFV3A5M42&st=KEYWORD

Bitstream's Vineta:

Decorated 035:

and for free, Ray Larabie's Bullpen:


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Awesome. Thanks guys.... you fellas are darn quick on the draw. Now mosey on.

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Emigre's Brothers and Council (both designed by John
Downer) are oh, so nice.



But it all depends on what kind of 'country' you're talking
about. I could see this stuff working for old school, back
woods, folk stuff. But I couldn't see it working for the
likes of Garth, what's-his-name, Brooks.

(Confession: I'm not a country fan.)


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