"Light - Squared - With Rounded Corners" fonts that include Greek characters, other than Eurostile URW?

Hello all,

This is my first post here. The last few days have shown me how significant typefaces are and how dynamically they can promote certain emotions when used in advertising messages.

I am in charge of a cosmetic clinic and have been in search of a font that is light, squared and has rounded corners, similar to Eurostile or NP Naipol (my favorite), for use as a corporate typeface, in order to promote the technological and scientific elements of our business. The problem is that the clinic is located in Greece, so this font will have to include Greek characters as well. The only such font I have managed to locate is Eurostile by URW.

Is anyone aware of any other similar fonts that also include Greek characters or can point me to the right direction so that I can locate them myself easier (such as a searchable database with relevant search fields etc).

Thank you in advance for any help, I appreciate your expertise and knowledge.


Aris Soul


Hello Aris,

this http://new.myfonts.com/search/charset%3Agrk will give you all their fonts with a greek character set.

Maybe this helps?

Thanks so much, I did find many interesting fonts with Greek characters! It did help greatly, much appreciated!

being a greek foundry I think the guys at Parachute.gr could be a treasury for you. HausSquare looks very promising for your request.

Renko, amazing resource! You guys have exceeded my expectations by far :).