My granny had an ashtray long before BP had Helios

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Here is a curiosity I've discovered last week while visiting my grandmother in the countryside. On the bottom of an ashtray that lied in the kitchen since the 80's (I remember seeing it there even when I was a little kid) there was a rosetta decoration that resembles quite a lot the BP Helios mark.

I asked my grandmother if she remembered anybody from Landor coming to visit her and showing interest in that ashtray, but she couldn't.

The orange stuff in the back is a delicious pumpkin pie.

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Now that I look at it more, I realize it is more than a resemblance - both have 18 corners and three levels of petals. It's a perfect match!

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So I guess some intern at Landor has a smoking grandma, as well? ;)
Yea, This is such a great find. (Mmmh — Pie. ;)

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OMW! That is bizzare-O

I had an ashtray like that so long ago and I clearly remember the old bearded man who gave it to me saying something like 'my son, when you see the light, you will know it'.
I have been searching for answers to that statement all my life since getting it. I have tried quitting smoking too and you have now given me what I have so desperately been searching for all these years!

I can now stop smoking and smash that ashtray since it has fulfilled it's purpose... always remember - fill up with BP cos that old man gave me that ashtray and I saw this here... it's so obvious now!


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OK. This is the last grandma story I'm going to post on this site.

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I liked that story. (Sorry, If it 'sounded' like I didn't.)

Off Topic Addendum: You should add http:// to your (profile) link. (That way it wouldn't end up as a Typophile 'Access denied' error.)

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I love this discovery of yours!!!!!!!

Hopefully grandma will kick the habit... we love grandmas

Mikey :-)

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No, no. Grandma isn't smoking. In the Romanian countryside for a woman to smoke is unheard of. But all the men do. Like locomotives.

Anyways, if you promise to be good kids, maybe next time I'll tell you the story of how I found the Euronews logo on the bottom of a wine barrel (to avoid further discussions know that Grandma isn't drinking either).

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hahahaha, okay sounds like a good tale to tell... we’ll be waiting :0)

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