Need good word suggestions

I need a good word.
This word needs to be gender neutral and needs to describe makeup, without being directly makeup related. So no 'shadow' or 'powder' or 'kohl'
I am struggling with this. It can be made-up or a blend. Oye.



I realize I'm writing this 4 years later,
but I like.

I ended up going with 'glossa.'

If you ever leave another comment on one of my posts, I promise to respond in a more timely manner. 2 years or less. Promise.

Is this a personal, professional, or academic project?

The word "mascara" comes from the Arabic "maskhara", which loosely translated means "made with poop". So it's good you didn't use that. :->

I think "Glossa" is good. It's pretty hard to allude to make-up in a gender neutral way. But I have to wonder: when does that make sense? Maybe in showbiz?


No problem, 4 years is nuthin’. I’ve been known to revive 8 year old posts!

I just hope it's not a typeface name, because there is already a Glosa.