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Old grotesk(s)

A lot like AG, but with different g and t. The print is from 1966.

This is from 1928 and from the same press. Same family?

What are they?


Oooh, lovely. I don’t know what it is, but have you
already taken a look at FF Bau?

BTW killer “a” and “g”!

Akkurat, recently released by Lineto, is not an exact match but has some of the flavor of this sample, too.


Yes, FF Bau certainely comes closest with the wide caps and angled t-ascender, but still it has different ear of g and some proportions.

I would like to see the original samples of Schelter & Giesecke grotesk.

Here is another sample from a 1963 print:

I found out that the t an k suddenly change in the 1928 book:

Now these two samples seem more like same family, but the r is still puzzling.