Beautiful Dictionary

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Recently stumbled upon this.

Anyone know of a typographically mindful, aesthetically pleasing modern American English dictionary? Clue: Don't bother looking on Amazon...

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That is beautiful. The clue does not help :) What dictionary is that?

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It's a Brazilian dictionary, Dicionário Houaiss.

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Peaceful, isn't it?

First: Good Food.
Then: Wine.
Next: Whatever.

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That is lovely.

Not a dictionary, but the Chicago Manual of Style set in Scala and Scala Sans is very nicely done. Wish they had some images of the interior. I'll have to take some when I get back to the office.

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@D.R. What?!

@Stewf That would be very much appreciated. It's on my (rather long) list of books to get. Photographed copy just may move that book up the list...

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