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Hi all,
I am working on a new typeface which combines elements of early sans faces (Grotesque MT) and roman glyphic (Albertus).
All too often I use Grotesque MT as a sans text face and felt that I needed to make my own alternative (with an antique twist).

Its in its early testing phase and so far I have made Regular, Semi-bold and Bold (although I started building the font from the semi-bold weight)

I'm not sure how to present it (or even name it) at this point but I'd like to get some critiques and comments on it. I am attaching a simple PDF for your collective consideration.


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beautiful work

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Frankly, it looks like two faces. They're nice faces and you should finish both of them. But they're not integrating well.

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Actually, thats kind of the idea.
I enjoy the tension between the two aesthetics.

when its used for extended text I think it achieves some kind of cohesion, have a look at this sample:

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Joseph, can you post that longer sample as a PDF? The image is fuzzy. (In some cases, it looks like the beak of the r sometimes looks too long, and sometimes not.) I think the overall effect is very good.

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Interesting combination!

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Hey guys, thanks for your comments. I've attached a PDF of the text now. I look forward to your comments!

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