Before I forget . . .

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. . . I wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and (or _insert appropriate holiday_) Happy New Year. (I can't believe another year has blown past so quickly!) We all might not share the same traditions, but this time of year represents a special renewal of spirit for all of us, I think. We can agree that it is good to share of ourselves and allow all positivity to thrive within us. I wish for all of you to feel of that spirit.


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Thanks for the kind greetings, Tiffany. As an occasional poster and mostly lurker here, I'm constantly impressed and amazed by how positive and well-behaved, on the whole, the Typophile community really is.

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Thanks, Tiffany!
Regards to you as well!


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The sharing and giving is the part I enjoy most about Typophile. Thanks Tiffany, warm regards and blessings to you. Bless you Metalfoot. Bless you Chris, you never fail to bring laughter and the spirit of levity into my day.

j a m e s

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ThankU James!
The best of health and happiness to you!


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