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The attached monogram was done for a client over a month ago. They were happy with it, though they are currently exploring conventional logos and marks.

It is possible they will come back this. But either way, I am not quite satisfied with it and would love the assistance of some expert eyes and feedback on how I might make this a stronger mark.

It began as a hand-drawn sketch in outlines. I then filled in the letterforms and cleaned up. It's a fairly odd and cramped intersection of shapes, but while it feels a little imbalanced now, I think it has potential. My own eye tells me that it's the W (in part) that is throwing it off…

It is supposed to read WBS, though I'm not sure the hierarchy matters all that much.

Thank you,


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The B and S are beautiful. Do not change them if you can help it. The rigid W just doesn't go. Remove it and draw a new one that is curvy and fits comfortably into the spaces. If you can, make the side arms of the new W reach up and curl over the top; this would help it seem more like it could be first.

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mmmmm monograms. Looks good. I generally like hierarchy though. I like cerulean's sugguestions!

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Thank you both for your feedback. I've been extremely busy, but will get to this again soon. I agree about the comments on the W and am excited to implement.

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