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Simplified Maghribi

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Joined: 18 Apr 2006 - 10:43pm
Simplified Maghribi

In reply to the last comment of Claudio Piccinini here:

> ... how would it look a page written in Maghribi, or typeset in
a Maghribi inspired typeface to [most of] today’s readers?

Here is a wonderful maghribiMabsout1.OTF under construction by Jadli from Morroco

Hope MaghribiMabsout1=Simplified Maghribi will be released soon.

Flowers to All

Claudio Piccinini's picture
Joined: 11 Jan 2003 - 9:32am

Thanks, Aziz!
The overall layout looks beautiful, to my (still) ignorant eyes the type looks stronger than the Hakim Ghazali, but some of the finishing looks unwillingly irregular, like it was partly autotraced (some letters seems also to join irregularly).
This brings up an issue about digitizing while mantaining irregular and rough finishes with better quality, an issue I have been constantly dealing with since 1993… :=)

I'm sorry I can't understand anything of those graphics4arab pages you are linking… :=(