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Does it bother anyone else that internal-page Typophile badges are no longer clickable back to the home page?

I know I can follow the breadcrumbs, but the clickability of the big red icon was so much more user-friendly and web smart (not to mention, best-practices compliant). Punchcut, please restore this great feature!


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It's a little bothersome. I noticed it as well. Not going to cry if it doesn't get fixed.

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Because the Flash menus are tabbed-browser proof I don’t use the home page unless I need to access the wiki. I just go directly to the forums.

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yea that bugs me alot haha
how come some folks have badges on their avatars tho?
is that like admin stuff?

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@Jason Those badges indicate that a user has donated to Typophile. (For what it's worth, I donated about a year ago and never got around to adjusting my avatar.)

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I never go to the home page. But there is a link to it just below the logo.

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I posted about this when they changed the logo.

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Sorry to everyone for the inconvenience. We are aware that the logo is no longer linking and this was not something we did purposefully. When changing the header, something got *lost* and we are hoping to fix it ASAP (but it probably won't happen until we return from the holidays :/)


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I live

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Cool. Thanks, Zara. I've *lost* plenty of stuff in my own code myself. I appreciate your response.

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Help! I've lost my link and can't click up ... 8-)

Happy Holidays!

Wynne Hunkler
Principal | Wynnefields Creative
Visual Communications

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{duplicate entry removed}

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Fix noted. Thanks. You guys rock.

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