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Need a classy, Japanese Style font! - various {gang}

I’m looking for a font that is classy and has a Japanese or Asian feel to it. I have been looking all over the net and can’t seem to find one, examples of what the font looks like would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Typophile Forums: Critique: Display: Yakuza (by
Jared Benson). It’s quite obscure and ultra tasty.

Mr. Solo has a fat variety also—ranging from
cheesy to more cheesy. (Try Barnes & Noble /
Amazon / Borders for this stuff.)

Heheh, “cheesy to more cheesy.” Hehee.

Is that Yakuza for sale? I remember it well
from Typophile’s early days and it’s definitely
a winner.

There are also these:





Michael Want’s award-winning Fusaka has
a unique techno-oriental feel to it.



Thank you all for your help, I have found the right font, finally!

What was it?