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Nice to meet you. I thought it would be wise before I get too far into this type design business to join up here for the new year and get feedback, throw ideas around, and talk type. Here's a couple things I've been working on.

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Not sure what they are for, but both look nice! Welcome to typophile.

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HA! I looked at the pictures before looking at your name and was like "Hmm, this strangely reminds me of Travis Stearns". Too funny.
Glad to see you're joining the bunch. Welcome.

I don't know what you think, but I would give a little more space between "RA" in paradise to compensate for the leg of the R. The S is quite interesting as well.

These pieces seem a little hard to critique without knowing what you're going for though.

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This seems strangely similar to your work, Travis.

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