FF Meta Serif in Use... In a Cute Way.

Hello All:

I’m all about the cute stuff man!

And if someone can take a typeface that I think is big rig-industrial (such as Meta Serif) then make it jolly, then, well—that’s blogworthy!

Here is a nifty little book set in FF Meta Serif... and it doesn’t it look trés lovely?!

You can see more here: http://printpattern.blogspot.com/2008/12/book-make-by-cath-kidston.html

And purchase it here: http://www.cathkidston.co.uk/p-12531-cath-kidston-cath-kidston-make-book...

Mikey :-)


Didn’t think about a coloured FF Meta Serif, but it works. Thanks for sharing, Mike.

Yes, looks good that way – bold, large, colored. But the use on the cover doesn't work for me, which is not the problem of Meta Serif of course. Thanks for sharing!

Didn’t think about a coloured FF Meta Serif
Hmm, why that? I think M. Serif is strong and neutral enough for a lot of different treatments. First i had to think of the (agreeable) use of Walbaum in children books, hehe … nobody will follow this comparison :)

Hmm, why that?
Okay, maybe not colored in that way with more than one color. But I like it and it demonstrates that FF Meta Serif is a real work horse. My favorite one at present. [I even use it for Apple Mail …]

Will the person on the other side receive the email formatted in Meta Serif?

Unfortunately, no. It's just like an HTML page — the receiver must have the font installed as well. I suspect that Ivo just prefers to read his own mail in Meta Serif.

Only if they have Meta Serif installed on their computer (and maybe setup in their mail client). Otherwise not.

Cross post :(

For a sec I thought there was some new nifty font embedding technology I had not heard of..... :-)

Unfortunately there isn’t such a technology yet. It’s like Stephen said, I just prefer to read my own mail in Meta Serif … at present [such things can change every day].