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I have designed a board game and hope to publish within the next year or two. One of the major components is cards. The cards are small (3.5 x 2.5) and play a large role in the experience. They contain images with some accompanying text outlining very important game info. The text is small 5pt being the smallest sometimes reversed out of color other times in small boxes. I hope to use only two typefaces and organize all the info using weight variations, colors and boxes. The feel of the game I hope to obtain is one of high-tech/sci-fi/adventure/superhero. Though beta testers have fun playing the game, it is a game of very involved strategy and can get quite complex and intricate, thus the target audience would not be children but the 15-30 crowd. I hope to balance a friendly look with a serious high-tech look.

So far, as a crutch I've used Eurostile and Bank Gothic. Bank being used for titles and Euro for the rest.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you greatly!

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Bell Centennial is very good at small sizes as it was designed for that.

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I find that Vectora works very well in small print, as well as Meta, both sans serif. Minion is a good serif in small print.

You say that you want a friendly look in combination with high-tech. Do you mean the type or the overall design? I would advise you to keep the type clear and legible because it is so small. If you really want to have a high-tech feel about it, I'd advise you to get that from the rest of the design and lay-out. Make any sense?

Kind regards,
Jean Paul

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I would try BaseNine

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I have a soft spot for Celeste Small Text.

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Whatever type you use, make sure you license it properly. What you describe could be considered outside the standard use of some EULAs

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What you describe could be considered outside the standard use of some EULAs

Just out of curiosity: What exactly might be considered 'borderline legal' here?

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