Roman imperial letters in "Parque Tematico de Occidente" logo

I'm dealing with a new client, and all we got for their logo was a scanned image of a business card. just need some help figuring out what font this is set it. i can tell it's not Trajan (thank the lord) but my font library isn't quite organized enough to find this bad boy. HELP PLEASE! k.thnx.


maybe somebody could just direct me to a heavier serifed Trajan style font. that 'Q' is key to the logo, and is clearly from Trajan, but the "M" has serifs on top and the 'P' has a closed bowl, and the serifs look substantially heavier than Trajan's.

Alternatively, here are some other antiqued serifs.

thanks Stephen, but antiquated serif's aren't quite what i'm looking for. i'm particularly searching for a Roman column style font, small-caps and all, with heavier serifs than Trajan. the antiquating (that's a word, right?) i can do myself, but typeface design isn't really a hobbyist sport.

so help's appreciated

Goudy's Trajan has heavier serifs, but the P and M are still in the original column style (i.e., open bowl on P and no serifs on M).