Two Stephen Coles in the Sunset

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I wondered how Stephen managed to have double the number of posts of the next most prolific poster. Tonight when I logged in, I saw the reason: there are two of him! (And when you mouse over the icons, both say "Stephen Coles's picture".)

I need to find out the secret so I can get my work done and still have time to have fun.

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He probably walked away from his desk to get coffee and fired up the type ID thread on his iPhone while the water boiled.

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See what happens when Santa brings you Coles for Christmas!


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One is Firefox, one is NetNewsWire (RSS reader with a builtin browser). Yeah, I need to settle down.

Chris - one of your better ones!

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hahahahah.... someone finally brought this up!!!

Multitasking is so 1990’s, Stephen can literally be in two place at once!

Beat that suckas!

Mikey :-)

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I liked your reference to "The Final Cut", Steve...

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I wondered if anyone would get the Pink Floyd reference. :-)

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sorry... flew right over my head!

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So, James said perhaps he was connected via iPhone. I was out to dinner and while waiting for my bill, I fired up Safari on my iPhone, and got the big "this page is in Flash, but the iPhone doesn't have Flash lego block". So how do people browse via the iPhone?

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I think it's just the start page that doesn't work at all on the iPhone. On the phone, I usually directly access my user track page, which works like a charm. The cool thing is that the top nav bar is replaced by a HTML version, so once you're in there, you can navigate and all.

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Indeed. If I add /forum I can get in perfectly. Thanks!

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Typophilic cloning. Cloning Typophile!

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Oh, I get it now... uhhhh, your too clever....

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Apparently, I can do it too even without simultaneous access from a RSS aggregator.


I am trapped in a delayed sub-space time envelope imploding into my very own typographic consciousness.


..... Mikey :-)

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Looks like it's time for a challenge - how many duplicates will it take to crash the server ;-)

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You will always crash the server! :-)


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Dang, we need to close that worm-hole!

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Ok, but 3 Jos Buivengas is just a little too much!

(and I didn’t do it, it’s just a screenshot!)

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But that is just Jos Regular, Jos Bold, and Jos Italic. :-)


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Oh damn... this does look sick :) It's just two computers and an iPhone (not used the same time btw).

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