(x) BIRRA MORETTI - (similar to) Baker Signet/Signature Black {Mike Y}

Anybody know which typeface is used for birra moretti?


Most probably custom.
Here's a straight pic from outlines:

Riccardo is probably right, but if you can use similar, then [[http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/hawthorn-lt/|Hawthorn]] might get near it. Seems like there may be some other candidates, if I get more time to look.

- Mike Yanega

Baker Signet Black looks almost like a spot on match. Not sure if there's a digital version though.

- Mike Yanega

[[http://www.fonts.com/FindFonts/Detail.htm?pid=203125&/cgi-bin/MsmGo.exe?...|Signature Black]] is a version that's pretty close to Baker Signet, from what I can tell.

- Mike Yanega