can some id this font?

thanks in advance



Many of these college shirts and gear are made with manufactured letters that didn't necessarily come from a font. That said, there are many fonts in this genre.

Hi Stephen, thanks for the reply. I'm surprised that they're not normally fonts that are in use. I'm asking about this particular image on behalf of someone else, so wasn't aware that Franklin & Marshall (in this case) is a fashion brand, so I'm guessing in this case it could well be a font. I've got something close for my friend, so hopefully as they're usually quite generic, it'll be ok.


(Franklin and Marshall is actually a college.)

Eliason, I know it's a college, but It's also a line of fashion clothing, which is the reason i said

' wasn’t aware that Franklin & Marshall (in this case) is a fashion brand...'


Oh, I see now. I wasn't aware of the Italian clothing company either (and am still puzzled about the relationship between it and the U.S. college...)

I have something very close to this called Full Block

Thanks, Spicy (can I call you Spicy?) - is that Full Block by Letterhead Fonts? ifso, It's close, but not condensed unfortunately.