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If you are reading this you may as well be aware of me as a designer. (Maybe also by one of my former aliases — Forma/formlos/...) And as such I am currently looking for a new job/(paid)internship/placement. Wherever this may be — I am considering relocating. I previously focused quite heavily on brand development, corporate design and typography. Hmm, what else. I've been working in design for 10 years now, in Europe (Austria, the UK, Italy). My past work has been featured in various design related publications. (And — You may have seen my 'Typophile T' up there. ;)

If you have any questions concerning me or my past and future work, let me know — mail(at) Thank you, Dav.

Curriculum Vitæ (PDF)
Forma (Design), formlos (Design/Type)
Folio (Forma), Folio (Forma/formlos)

Like what you see?
Hire me!


Some lucky firm will find you. Have you looked at Coroflot or LinkedIn? These both rise to the top when we hire designers.

Thanks, Joe.

(I probably should check Coroflot again. And maybe finally join LinkedIn.)