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KUB.swf (30.1 k)

Kub was initially design to be a 3D typeface (as a sculpture).

Now a font, the actual suitcase contains a Regular, light, midtone and shadow version, the best result is achieved when the fonts are layered on each other in varied tonal value to create a single 3D typeface.

AF Kub is part of the ACME font library www.acmefonts.net/ and is available to buy at Fontworks www.type.co.uk

(Right click and zoom in)

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Even released fonts can be critiqued. I've selected this face because I really like it, and am proud to see it as part of the first-ever Critique Thursday.

Are you still around, Jean? Can we get a "text" setting of this design?

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Did this ever become sculpture? This would be amazing to see.

There was obviously a lot of work put into this typeface.

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I'm here for this one.


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I couldn't find this font on either site. Did its name change, or was it taken off the market? I wonder what the chances of Jean-Lou showing up here are…

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Hmm… that's a bunch of fonts that have to be laid over top of each other isn't it. I always wonder if those actually sell. On outline version would be cool.

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This reminds me of that cool Nofont thing a while back...

> that’s a bunch of fonts that have to be laid over top of each other

But how else can you get shading Dan? Type3 is dead, Photofonts is bitmaps. But yeah, I would be curious to find out how these things (FF Primary probably being the least obscure example) actually sell...

As for the forms:
- Can the "e" be improved? I think it could get mistaken for an "o", especially in some contexts.
- I wonder if there's a way to pull apart the "h" and "n".
- The "r" and "u" are not working.
- Could the "x" be less out of character?
- The parens looks just like the square brackets.
- I can't tell what the thing between the percent and the question is.
- ...
Now I'm actually tired - I'm gonna take a break. :-)


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well either way the outcome is great, and looks fantastic.

Communication Design, Melbourne

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In a way this reminds me of certain graffiti styles - specifically, the way strokes can be seen either as 3D volumes (which are purely pictorial) or 2D shapes (which are purely symbolic). The balance struck here is pretty cool! Easy to interpret as volume or shape, simultaneously even.

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